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Second Solo Exhibition Continues Minneapolis Institute of Arts Photography Series

MINEAPOLIS, MN.- The second exhibition in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts’ new photography series featuring emerging artists will present the work of German artist Marco Breuer, and attempt to answer the question: What is a photograph? Breuer’s bold and experimental approach eschews the camera itself. Instead, he strips photography to its essential materiality, presenting works created by manipulating the surface of light-sensitive photographic paper. The exhibition will be on view from February 18 through August 1, 2010, in two parts. For the opening, Breuer will present selections of old and new works. Then, in mid-March, he will alter the space in the Perlman Gallery to evoke a darkroom, emphasizing the artist’s process of creating a photograph. “Marco Breuer challenges the viewer to re-examine the most basic assumptions about photography,” said curator David Little. “Both his creative process