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Sebastian Goegel Experiments with Forms at Galerie Adler

FRANKFURT AM MAIN.- The great philosophical questions are actually banal, says Goegel, because everyone asks them. In fact, the only reason they’re considered ‘great’ is because everyone asks them. In the works of the Leipzig-based artist they are at any rate omnipresent: life and death, becoming and passing, accompanied by the whole panoply of human fears and needs and the states that summon them. They all take – in some cases drastic – shape here, but never in a way that would convey a moral judgement. Goegel, who also draws, tattoos and sculpts, focuses mainly on creating forms. He then varies and experiments with these forms in a creative process that itself constitutes a kind of material for him, until he has managed to find a pictorial equivalent for the desired atmosphere or mood. What makes Goegel’s works special is that most viewers