Sculptures and Photographs by Anthony Pearson at David Kordansky Gallery


LOS ANGELES, CA.- David Kordansky Gallery presents an exhibition of new work by Anthony Pearson. The exhibition will run through February 5, 2011. Anthony Pearson’s sculptures and photographs are, on the one hand, records of a studio practice dedicated to non-representational mark-making and the pursuit of free aesthetic movement; on the other, they are the elements of a vocabulary designed to systematize the irrational and inexplicable facets of artistic endeavor. This oscillation between generative and curatorial instincts is manifest in the solarized silver gelatin prints that form one of the central aspects of Pearson’s work. These unique prints are photographs of ink drawings on foil: images, in essence, of hand-drawn marks that have been mediated by the optical and chemical processes of photography. By arranging them in sets or pairing them with sculptural works, Pearson distances himself even further from