Scuderie del Quirinale Shows Works by Lorenzo Lotto for the First Time in Rome


ROME.- Following the major monographic exhibitions devoted to Lorenzo Lotto in Venice in 1953 and in Bergamo, Paris and Washington in 1998, the Scuderie del Quirinale presents, for the very first time here in Rome, an exhibition covering the entire artistic output of this spectacular and solitary master of the Italian Renaissance who, leaving the tranquil provinces of the Veneto and Marche behind him, lived briefly in Rome itself, but the city showed at the time that it never really understood his work. “Alone, without loyal help or solace, and sorely troubled in his mind”, as he was to describe himself, he resumed the itinerant life and ended his days as an oblate in the Santa Casa di Loreto in the Marche. Born in the 15th century, Lorenzo Lotto managed in a thoroughly original and independent fashion to reconcile the traditional elements of the great painting of his era with certain aspects that already herald the great age of the Baroque. After his initiation into the evocat