Screaming from the Mountain: Landscapes and Viewpoints at SKMU Sørlandets


KRISTIANSAND.- Screaming from the Mountain: Landscapes and Viewpoints is a large scale exhibition examining the Northern European landscape tradition, departing from the painterly tradition of Romanticism, but with its main focus on how this can be mirrored and re-contextualised through contemporary art practices. The viewpoint proves as important as the view: where you stand in regards of geography, history, gender, power—or if you actually are not looking at a landscape at all, but on the genre as such. Screaming from the Mountain involves some 70 artists and is exhibited on all three floors of SKMU, displaying works in medias ranging from painting and sculpture to video and installations, as well as works of great historic value. Most of the artists originate from Northern Europe or the Nordic Countries, but far from all. With a number of generous loans from Malmö Art Museum, organizers have been