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Scientists Say Prehistoric Man Enjoyed 3D Cinema Too

VIENNA.- As far back as the Copper Age our ancestors viewed “films” in an open air cinema setting – and, moreover, in 3D with surround sound. This conclusion arises from the discovery of sites containing prehistoric rock engravings, which provided an audio-visual experience to people from the time of Ötzi, the prehistoric iceman, to that of Roman Emperor Augustus. The largest European concentration of these engravings can be found in Valcamonica in Northern Italy. St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences is part of a Cambridge led international project that uses the latest digital media technologies to bring to life the closest experience prehistoric peoples had to cinema. True or false: The cinema was invented in the late 19th century? True, if one considers the modern forms of cinema. However, the original idea behind the cinematic experience, that is the use of visual and audio means to tell a story, would appear