Sascha Weidner Celebrates the Beauty of the Perfect Moment at C/O Berlin Gallery


BERLIN.- It’s the moment that counts. It’s the source of everything—every perception, longing, dream, and remembrance. Sascha Weidner celebrates the beauty of the perfect moment and takes hold of it, turning an unflinching eye toward himself and his environment. His radically subjective cosmos of images is the poetic film of life, in which every shot is a statement of either life-affirming exuberance or hushed melancholy. Whether in photographs of rumpled white sheets, in macro shots of veined skin, or in images of mysteriously overturned cars or of the tender intimacy of lovers—every passing nuance is critical. And although each photograph seems almost hermetically sealed within itself, in combination, his images give rise to a dramatic dialog among the individual events. The cumulative visual chaos shows how