San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Spotlights Ceramics in Recent Art Practice


SAN FRANCISCO, CA.- Highlighting the revived medium of ceramics, SFMOMA presents New Work: Tiago Carneiro da Cunha and Klara Kristalova (July 8 through October 30, 2011), an exhibition that pairs figurative ceramic sculpture by two contemporary artists who are infusing the medium’s unassuming form with complex political and artistic references. Carneiro da Cunha lives and work in Brazil, and Kristalova is based in Sweden, but, despite very different cultural backgrounds, they work in a strikingly similar vein. Each artist draws on ceramics’ association with childhood craft projects, making sculptures that conjure characters from fairy tales or comic books. The objects’ distorted surfaces and rough glazing may suggest child’s play, but these elements of simplicity and exuberance quickly yield to more serious concepts and