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Russian Dagestan Village Defies Odds with Ancient Art

KUBACHI, RUSSIA (REUTERS).- The cacophony of hammered silver reverberates through the sole school of this tiny village nestled in the lush and craggy Caucasus mountains of Russia’s deeply turbulent Muslim region of Dagestan. Villagers in Kubachi, whose population is a mere 2,300, boast that every man, woman and child has mastered the ancient tradition of delicate silverwork, first brought to the region by Persian traders almost two millennia ago. Teacher Kultum Kutsulova, clad in a flowing white hijab decorated with gold paisley teardrops she has embroidered, carefully watches over students etching elaborate, swirled flowers into silver and copper goblets and earrings. “We are a blacksmiths’ village and we have it in our blood. Every child must know the work