Royal Academy of Arts Stage Premiums Featuring the Work of 16 Postgraduate Students


LONDON.- In February the Royal Academy of Arts stage Premiums which feature the work of 16 postgraduate students. This annual exhibition held in the Sackler Wing of Galleries comprises contemporary artwork by postgraduates in their second year at the Royal Academy Schools. Premiums provides an excellent opportunity to view new work by emerging artists at the interim point of their 3 year course. Works in the exhibition includes painting, sculpture, video and photography. The RA Schools offer students the opportunity to develop their ideas and working practices on a unique three-year postgraduate course. Attracting applicants from across the world, those exhibiting students reflect the international reputation of the Schools and the creativity of its artists. With a total of 60 places available, the Schools offer a wide range of opportunities including tutorials and lectures given by leading figures in the art world…