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Rome Exhibition Showcases the Italian Master of Light, Shadow and Emotion: Caravaggio

ROME (AP).- The master of light, shadow and emotion is back on center stage after 400 years. An exhibition opening Saturday in Rome commemorates Baroque master Caravaggio, who revolutionized the art world with his realism and intensity. The show brings together 24 paintings from museums across Europe and the United States of undisputed authenticity on the 400th anniversary of the painter’s death. Curators said they aimed to present the true Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610) after a century in which many works of other artists have been falsely attributed to him. “We want to show to Rome’s citizens and visitors the pure Caravaggio, the essential Caravaggio, the real Caravaggio,” said Antonio Paolucci, one of Italy’s top art experts and director of the Vatican Museums.