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Roman Ondak: Deutsche Bank’s Artist of the Year 2012

LONDON.- Deutsche Bank has now introduced its “Artist of the Year 2012” at the London Frieze Art Fair. The Global Art Advisory Council selected Roman Ondak, one of the best-known conceptual artists internationally. The bank’s “Artist of the Year” award honors young artists who have already produced an exceptional body of work in which works on paper or photography play an important role. If you say that an artist works with everyday materials, it usually means that he or she is demonstratively parting from venerated tradition, showing that one needs no special tools to make art and can perhaps do without a flawless white space in which to exhibit it. It can also mean that there are no suitable gallery spaces for this sort of practice or that the materials are simply not available on the market. All of these possibilities apply to the work of Roman Ondak, who was born in 1966 in Bratislava, Slovakia, and is among the most