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Rock Paintings at La Pintada Archaeological Zone Catalogued

MEXICO CITY.- More than 2,000 rock paintings distributed in a natural canyon part of La Pintada Archaeological Zone, in Sonora, are being digitalized by experts from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). Designs reveal the world vision of ancient groups that dwelled this area 1,200 years ago, as well as at the colonization process. It has been calculated that more than 2,500 graphics are found in the area, from which 70 per cent have already been registered, with the aim of creating an inventory of images for their study and for the preparation of a monitoring plan for their preservation. Since 2007, a group of technicians headed by archaeological Manuel Graniel have been conducting the meticulous analysis and digital registration of the ancient manifestations distributed along 33 hectares. “Research has revealed that La Pintada was an important space for diverse