Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Opens New Beatles Exhibit as Part of Museums Redesign


CLEVELAND, OH.- The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s first redesign in its 15-year history is nearly complete and includes several vibrant new exhibit spaces, state-of-the-art interactive technology and lighting, improved way-finding and hundreds of new artifacts, including the most comprehensive collection of Beatles’ items; a number of which are on display to the public for the first time. “The Rock Hall’s extensive redesign includes the most comprehensive, artifact-driven Beatles exhibit in the world,” said Jim Henke, the Museum’s Vice President of Exhibitions. “For many years now, we have been fortunate to have a great relationship with Yoko Ono, which enabled us to have many John Lennon artifacts. This time around, we were able to work with Ringo Starr and with George Harrison’s estate, so they are well-represented in the exhibit. We also worked with some collectors who