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Robert Adams, Robert Bechtle, and Ewan Gibbs exhibit at Timothy Taylor Gallery

LONDON.- Timothy Taylor Gallery presents an exhibition that brings together the work of Robert Adams, Robert Bechtle and Ewan Gibbs. All three artists create deeply personal, yet iconic images of America. The exhibition is Ewan Gibbsʼ third at Timothy Taylor Gallery, and the first time the gallery has presented works by Robert Adams and Robert Bechtle. Gibbs shows new pencil drawings of photographs taken over several years on journeys across the USA, while Bechtle shows drawings in charcoal focused on his home city of San Francisco. The Adams works selected for the show include a series of black and white photographs from the 1970s of the ever developing urbanisation in the Denver, Colorado areas. Photography is at the core of the exhibition. Although Adams is the only photographer, the question of how photography relates to painting is