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Riflemaker in Soho to feature Alice Anderson’s “Time Reversal”

Alice Anderson - Photograph from Performance at the National Museum Marc Chagall, 2008 / © Courtesy of Alice Anderson & Riflemaker.

LONDON.- The French/Algerian artist Alice Anderson (b.1976) will
fill Riflemaker in Soho with thousands of metres of hair as part of an
installation, including film, sculptures and photographs, based on fictional
childhood memories from 1 March 2010.
Anderson considers time, or more
particularly the way that time shapes itself, to be her most significant working
material. For her, memories can be described as reconstructions, often distorted
to the extent that each becomes a creation or fiction itself. She views memory
as the ‘master of fiction’, whereby the passage of time may lead to a
remembrance being more akin to fiction than fact.