Richard Long, A Pioneer of Land and Conceptual Art, Exhibits at Haunch of Venison


LONDON.- Haunch of Venison presents its fourth exhibition with Richard Long. Long is widely recognised as one of the most important artists to have emerged since the 1960s and is a pioneer of Land and Conceptual art. Human Nature is Richard Long’s first show in London since his acclaimed retrospective at Tate Britain in 2009. It features new works made in Spain, Switzerland, China and South Africa, as well as in Long’s ‘home’ landscape of Dartmoor. Long’s work is rooted in his deep affinity with nature, developed during solitary walks. Walking in the landscape is the basis of Long’s practice but over the past 40 years he has extended his concerns to encompass photographic and text-based work, sculptures made in stone and wood, small-scale works using handprints and fingerprints on paper and driftwood, and monumental wall drawings made using mud and clay. Richard Long’s work is charact