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Rhenish Expressionists: Heinrich Campendonk, An Exhibition Series at Kunstmuseum Bonn

BONN.- With Heinrich Campendonk (1889-1957) Kunstmuseum Bonn continues its exhibition series about the Rhenish Expressionists. Following Hans Thuar and Paul Adolf Seehaus, a selection of works by Campendonk from the museum’s collection is presented on a wall in the exhibition spaces on the ground floor, accompanied by information on the artist’s life and work. At the same time the presentation of the “Noble Guests” from Kunsthalle Bremen leaves and is replaced by classical modernist works from the museum’s collection. Heinrich Campendonk was one of the most independent artists among the Rhenish Expressionists. The close connection to Der Blaue Reiter, which he shared with August Macke, was, biographically and stilistically seen, more important for the artist than the little concrete contact he had with the Rhenish Avantgarde. However, artistic aspects, his friendship with August and Helmuth Mac