Representative Cross-Section of Thomas Wrede’s Oeuvre at Museum Kunst der Westküste


HAUPTSTRAßE.- Since the 1990s German photo artist Thomas Wrede (born 1963) has garnered international attention with variously conceived photo series. Taking real natural, landscape and city settings as their starting point, his artistic images transform these and imbue them with an ambiguous and absurd-surreal quality. In his large-scale colour photographs Wrede creates spaces for longings and Utopias that build on catchy image patterns and defy temporal and spatial placing. His image series stage nature and landscape in terms of a visual pitfall and phantasma, prompting us to subject them to closer scrutiny. The exhibition Anywhere presents a selection of photographs from the two series Real Landscapes (started in 2005) and Seascapes (2001-2007), which play a pivotal role in Thomas Wrede’s oeuvre. Both bodies of work are intrinsically linked to the landscape of the North Sea coast, since, in addition to the Lusatian mining district in eastern Germany, the beaches and dune