Renovation and Extension of Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp to Last from 2011 to 2017


ANTWERP.- The renovation of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA) will start in September 2011 and last until the autumn of 2017 rather than 2014 as previously announced. The main reasons for the longer duration are the scope and complexity of the work, combined with some complications revealed during the preparatory phase. The renovation and extension of the 19th-century museum in Antwerp’s Zuid (South) district is a complex undertaking. It encompasses not only the replacement of all obsolete technical systems, but also the construction of a new in-house storage room and an expansion of the museum surface area by 40%. The latter will be achieved by the insertion of additional floors in what are presently four large patios or courtyards. Part of the museum collection will be stored inside the building during the redevelopment, so the contractors must proceed with care. Meanwhile, various preliminary examinations have