Recent works by artist Harald Kröner opens at Bernhard Knaus Fine Art


FRANKFURT.- Bernhard Knaus Fine Art announces its new exhibition of recent works by artist Harald Kröner (*1962) who lives and works in Pforzheim, Germany. Kröner presents new large format coloured ink drawings from his series ‘Cut’ along with a group of much smaller works titled Schnittzeichnungen (sectional drawings). Although different in size and appearance – the theme of ‘cutting’ unites both bodies of work. Like the editing process in filmmaking, ‘cut’, is used to generate ‘footage’-like material to be used later and determines what will eventually be seen or not. Kröner’s starting point are two painted sheets of paper: A large backdrop within which a semi-transparent sheet is cut into strips and reversed so both painted sides face one another. The mirrored painted sides generate a form of osmosis which challenges the artist to discover a new balance between