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Recent work by David Rodríguez Caballero on view at Marlborough Chelsea

NEW YORK, NY.- Marlborough Chelsea announced that an exhibition of recent sculptures by the Spanish artist David Rodríguez Caballero opened today, and continues through March 24, 2012. The exhibition features Rodríguez Caballero’s characteristic aluminum and brass sculptures that hang on the wall, ranging in size from intimate pieces to a polyptych nearly 10 feet long. Rodríguez Caballero creates his sculptures through a process of folding and bending the metal to form organic, geometric shapes that protrude gracefully from the wall on which they are hanging. The elegant curves he forms belie the hard, cold nature of the materials with which he is working, and the pieces appear weightless despite their heft. A full understanding of the sculpture cannot be attained from one angle alone; with every different viewpoint the edges, curves, and planes of the work shift to create