Raw and Unapologetic: Kim Dorland’s Portraits of Wife Lori at Mike Weiss Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- The following is an interview of artist Kim Dorland by his wife and muse, Lori Seymour, in response to his exhibition For Lori at Mike Weiss Gallery. Lori Seymour: Why do you paint me so much? Kim Dorland: In the beginning I felt like it wasn’t cool to say that I paint my wife because I love her, so I would say that you were my stand-in or that it was because I knew you so well – and there’s truth to that. But, at the end of the day, I paint you because I love you and I miss you when I’m alone in the studio. LS: So you’re admitting to the smoochy truth of it? KD: Yes. I paint you because I adore you. LS: And why do you think that resonates so much with your audience? They’re very popular paintings. KD: Because they’re really truthful. I think people recognize the intimate relationship between us – the deep intimacy between two people who’ve been together