Rare Vintage Photograph by Roger Fenton Saved for Bradford’s National Media Museum


LONDON.- The Art Fund has helped Bradford’s National Media Museum buy a rare vintage photograph by acclaimed British photographer Roger Fenton (1819 – 1869). Pasha and Bayadère depicts a dancing girl (bayadère) performing for the enjoyment of a high ranking official (pasha), who watches her intently. Seated on the floor on the left hand side of the Pasha, a musician plays a stringed instrument. The exotic tableau was taken in 1858. It captures the contemporary fascination with the Orient and is part of a series of photographs Fenton took after an expedition during the Crimean War. Despite appearances, it is not a documentary image taken by Fenton during his travels. The work is in fact a carefully staged tableau photographed in Fenton’s north London studio using costumes, props and a hired model. Fenton himself appears as the Pasha. The musician is played by the English landscape painter Frank Dillon. Pasha and