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Rare Seven Foot Stone Horse from the Chinese Ming Dynasty Expected to Fetch Up to £100,000

DORCHESTER.- As the director of one of Switzerland’ leading luxury stores and a renowned collector himself, Hans Leu, alongside his broker, Mr. Lee of Hollywood Street, Hong Kong, were responsible for the export to the West of many oriental artefacts during the 1970’s and 1980’s. His close relationship with the Chinese government allowed him to act as an official conduit for antiques exported from the East and marketed for sale in the West. Of particular interest to Langhard were early Chinese antiquities from the Tang and Ming dynasties, many of which came to light during the numerous tomb excavations taking place at this time, notably the excavations in the early 1980’s of the burial site built by Zhu Yuan Zhang for his forbears between 1386 and 1413. This horse is one of 6 funerary sculptures that were exported from Hong Kong by Langhard. On hearing the news of the shipment, Ernst Gamper, a wealthy man and treasurer to the Reitberg Museum, Zurich, arranged