Rare and Rarely Exhibited Examples of Ancient Arctic Art at The Menil Collection


HOUSTON, TX.- Powerful forces combine in Upside Down: Arctic Realities, an exhibition and museum-going experience opened at the Menil on April 15. Rare and rarely exhibited examples of ancient Arctic art – many collected by the renowned anthropologist, cinematographer and media theorist Edmund Carpenter – are presented in a “total environment” designed by the light artist Doug Wheeler. Upside Down will remain on view through July 17. The exhibition showcases nearly 300 artifacts produced by native Arctic cultures over the centuries, drawn for this exclusive North American display from public and private collections in Denmark, France, New Zealand, and the United States. Made primarily of metal, bone, and walrus ivory, some of the objects are more than 3,000 years old. Many are small in scale, designed to be worn as amulets or held in the hand; even the tiniest, bearing intricate carving details,