Rare 16th Century Helmet Used by Opera House as a Stage Prop for Sale at Bonhams


LONDON.- Bonhams sale of Fine Antique Arms and Armour on July 20th at Knightbridge includes the life’s work of a medical doctor, Peter Parsons, whose passion was armour. The collection is a perhaps strange interest for a man who spent his life dealing with damaged human bodies, but given that this stunningly beautiful material was designed to limit wound damage, not that surprising maybe. Among the items in the sale is a 16th Century Saxon Electoral Guard Comb Morion helmet from Nuremberg, that bears figures of Mutius Scaevola and of Marcus Curtius leaping into the gulf, and the arms of Saxony and the insignia of the Arch-marshalcy of the Holy Roman Empire. It is estimated to sell for £8,000-12,000. This item is from the group of helmets made for the Trabantan guard of the Prince Electors of Saxony. A large number of these morions are believed to have been given to the Dresden Opera House in the 1830s to be used as stage