Raqs Media Collective’s "Reverse Engineering" launches Nature Morte’s new gallery space in Berlin


BERLIN.- Nature Morte announces the inauguration of their new gallery space on Rosa Luxemburg Platz with a solo exhibition by the Raqs Media Collective. For their first solo show at Nature Morte Berlin, Raqs Media Collective is showing their ongoing project „The Euphoria Machine“. Comprised of two demonstration tables, various drawings, prints and monitors, the large installation takes the form of a laboratory, which works as a diagram for a conceptual engine of the desire that fuels capitalism. The artists put forward the hypothesis that it’s the human desire for joy, beauty, satisfaction and love, which fuels economic growth and perpetuates our continuously growing culture of consumption. The point of departure for this project is the existence of the machine and to examine the evidence of it around us, in plans, projections, advertisements, policy statements,