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Radio INAH: 20 Years of Divulgation of the Cultural Heritage

MEXICO CITY.- Radio INAH celebrates 20 years of divulgating cultural heritage through the air waves and celebrates it with the opening of an Internet space, the first step in the construction of a National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) virtual radio broadcast system. Languages, music, legends and festivities are some of the intangible heritage material broadcasted to the general public, as “sounds are also culture”, declared Gabriela Marentes Garza, founder of Radio INAH. The communicator recalled that at the beginning of Radio INAH, in the mid 1980’s decade, broadcast was conducted in governmental times, and spots were recorded in Radio Educacion booth, “institution that has always supported Radio INAH”. “Our first radio booth became a reality in June 26th 1990 thanks to the director of the Institute, Roberto Garcia Moll, and Jaime Bali West, national coordinator of Divulgation at the time, who announced me that the resource to begi