Quirky Roadside Attraction, Stonehenge II, Moving


HUNT, TX (AP).- The narrow road, lush greenery and low gray skies reminded Michelle Rechka of home. She traced a sharp curve of Farm Road 1340 through a dip where it crosses the Guadalupe River and followed the road up the river bank to reveal a broad pasture marked with a strange but for her, familiar-looking, sight: A collection of huge concrete rectangles standing on end, topped with horizontal pieces of concrete and all arranged in a circle. “For a split second, I thought I was driving in England,” Rechka, 47, an Oxford, England, native now living in Port Jefferson, N.Y., said after getting her first look at the Texas version of Stonehenge. The quirky roadside attraction, known as Stonehenge II, mimics the mysterious prehistoric circle of stone monuments about 100 miles southeast of London. Like its English counterpart, Stonehenge II, in the Texas Hill Country about a 90-minute drive northwest of San Antonio, draws curious visitors from around the world. Unlike the more fam