Quantum Confusion at the Customs House Museum during Women’s History Month


CLARKSVILLE, TN.- Charcoal people drawn on wood have taken over the Orgain Gallery of the Customs House Museum through May 20th. An exhibit by Knoxville based artist Denise Stewart Sanabria, Quantum Confusion explores a theory of parallel worlds. The installation contains eleven full scale charcoal portraits on cut-out plywood, mounted on black floor stands. Two sheets of Plexiglas are sandwiched between emerging and disappearing people. Stewart says “There have been many theories given to the existence of many, or parallel worlds, both in the disciplines of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics. They range from solid research that can deliver actual theory-proving data, to the more esoteric work of Lewis and Kripke, which has a tendency to sound like the conversation of a couple of 1960’s era grad students on acid. Popular media occasionally tries to produce