Public Debut of the Huntington’s New Works by Andy Warhol


SAN MARINO, CA.- In October, The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens announced that it would be receiving a gift of important works by Andy Warhol from the estate of Los Angeles gallery director Robert Shapazian, who died earlier that year. One of the pieces is Small Crushed Campbell’s Soup Can (Beef Noodle), a painting made in 1962 as a unique, early variant of the famous series. Another is Brillo Box, constructed in 1964 at the time of the artist’s first sculpture exhibition; and rounding out the gift is a group of nine unlicensed copies of Brillo Box commissioned in 1990 by art collector and international museum director Pontus Hultén (1924–2006). The objects have recently arrived and are being installed in the gallery of mid-20th century art in the Virginia Steele Scott Galleries of American Art. “Robert was absolutely brilliant and extremely generous,” said Jessica Todd S