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Psychology, biology and religion collide at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

BEIJING.- In just three years, the UCCA “Curated by…” series has evolved into a forum where established curators have free reign to showcase the work of China’s most talented emerging artists. Every exhibition in the series is now free to the public, thanks to the generous support of Bloomberg, and every exhibition has broken new ground by making it easier for young artists to bring their work to the broader public. In this latest edition of the “Curated by…” series, UCCA welcomes guest curator Zhang Peili, the “founding father” of Chinese video art and a pioneering figure in the field of new media. He will curate The Anatomy of Rage, an exciting solo exhibition by young artist Lu Yang, whose unique blend of BioArt and animation has made her one of the brightest stars in the Chinese multimedia scene. UCCA Director Jérôme Sans agrees: “Already, Lu Yang has emerged as one of the