Profiles in History, the World’s Largest Auctioneer of Hollywood Memorabilia will Auction Over 1300 Lots


CALABASAS, CA.- An original one-sheet poster from the Universal horror classic The Invisible Man ($200,000-$300,000); an incredible offering of material from Academy Award-winning visual effects genius Stan Winston, including an original screen-used Johnny Depp costume and display from Edward Scissorhands ($100,000-$200,000) an original full-scale, screen-used battlefield T-800 Endoskeleton from Terminator 2: Judgment Day ($150,000-$250,000); the stunning collection from Academy Award-winning visual effects pioneer, Phil Tippett, including multiple Star Wars Cantina Creatures ($60,000-$120,000 EACH), an AT-AT Imperial Walker from The Empire Strikes Back ($40,000-$60,000) and stop-motion RoboCop puppet from RoboCop 2 ($25,000-$35,000); original iconic matte painting from the opening scene in The Wizard of Oz ($80,000-$120,000); a complete hero Brandon Routh Superman costume from Superman Returns ($50,000-$70,000); Bela Lugosi ‘Ygor’ green suede costume