Previously Unseen Photographs of the Fab Four Brought to the San Francisco Art Exchange


SAN FRANCISCO, CA.- Rare and unseen photographs of The Beatles are on display at the San Francisco Art Exchange as part of a drive to promote the British city of Liverpool to San Francisco residents. The exhibition opened on May 7th and will run through June 15th. The Beatles Hidden Gallery is a stunning collection of early photographs of the Fab Four by photographer Paul Berriff. It is receiving its US gallery debut at the San Francisco Art Exchange following its recent public exhibition in Prague. The San Francisco exhibition is the first time the photographs – taken in England between 1963 and 1964 – have been publicly displayed outside of Europe and offer a fascinating glimpse of the early Beatles on the cusp of superstardom. “As the #1 gallery worldwide for the art of Rock and Roll, we’re ecstatic about the opportunity to host such a historic exhibition,&#1