Prendergast Works Loaned to Milwaukee Art Museum


MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN.- A selection of important objects by artist Charles Prendergast (1863–1948) are on display as of today. To frame historians, the name Charles Prendergast is a hallowed one. To art historians, he is a fascinating but elusive early American modern artist. To many, he is simply painter Maurice Prendergast’s younger brother. Through the generosity of the Terra Foundation for American Art, three important works by Charles Prendergast temporarily join the Maurice Prendergast paintings in the Museum’s Collection. Charles Prendergast, already an established Arts and Crafts frame maker, embarked on an ambitious second career as a painter and sculptor in his fifties. He continued in this profession for thirty-six years, producing works such as the painted panel Four Figures and Donkey and the carved Chest. “Prendergast blurred the boundaries of decorative design and high art even more t