Prehispanic Sexuality Uncovered in the Latest Issue of Magazine


MEXICO CITY.- Procreator deities, patrons of the lustful and dissolute ones; ethnic groups prone to nudity; masturbation and rites involving homosexual acts are some themes treated in the latest issue of Arqueologia Mexicana dedicated to Sexuality in Mesoamerica. Upon Spaniards arrival, many native groups’ practices were considered taboo, particularly those with profound sexual-cosmogonical connotations. Prejudices around these aspects transcended in time and were not subject of studies. Codices, Colonial chronicles, archaeological pieces and ethnographic data are the objects of study to learn about the lascivious activities of ancient inhabitants of Mexico; in the 1920’s decade a collection was integrated with Prehispanic objects related to sexuality from Huasteca and Maya regions; they were placed in a secret hall at the former National Museum. The magazine published by the National Institute of Anthropology and Histo