Praz-Delavallade Presents Third Solo Exhibition by Los Angeles Based Artist Sam Durant


PARIS.- Praz-Delavallade presents their third solo-exhibition by Los Angeles based artist Sam Durant. Through his drawings, sculptures and installations, Sam Durant explores the realms of pop culture, history and memoralization in order to question the values of American society. After having focused on such pivotal periods as the civil-rights era, the 1968 student riots, and the last century’s struggle between Native Americans and European settlers, economics have taken a determinant place in his more recent series. On view until 26 March 2011. The title of the show refers to Amercian artist Robert Smithson’s work Yucatan Mirror Displacements (1969) which was itself a reference to writer John Lloyd Stephen’s book Incidents of Travel in Yucatan (1843). At the forefront in all of his work, the mirror interests Sam Durant because of its potent symbolic charge. Evocative of both reflection and reflexion, a mirror suggest