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Postmasters Gallery presents Two Video Works by Omer Fast

Omer Fast - "De Grote Boodschap", 2007 - Production still, running time: 27 minutes. Photo; Courtesy: Postmasters Gallery, NYC

“I don’t deal
directly with reality but with representations and stories. The truth basis of
what I’m doing is not interesting to me. In an act of storytelling, there is a
truth.” Omer Fast, as quoted in New York Magazine, December 21-28,
These exact words
were never uttered in this order. But, like in Fast’s works, it is precisely in
re-telling, editing, interpretation, misunderstanding and subjective
recollections that we encounter the kernels of what is real. Postmasters
Gallerypresents an exhibition of
two video works by Omer Fast. The show coincides with Fast’s exhibition at the
Whitney Museum of American Art. On
exhibition through 13 February, 2010.