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Portland Art Museum Opens Exhibition with Works that Leave Many Feeling Disquieted

PORTLAND, OR.- This spring the Portland Art Museum presents DISQUIETED. Curated by Bruce Guenther, the Museum’s curator of modern and contemporary art, the exhibition brings together 38 works that invite engagement and discussion of the elements of modern life that leave so many feeling disquieted. For many, today’s world is marked by events beyond our control. This unease is a natural response to a tumultuous and troubling decade filled with natural disasters, global terrorism, and worldwide financial collapse. Artists have always reflected and reacted to the world around them—and contemporary art, through its form or content, often disturbs as much as it provides solace. In “DISQUIETED”, a roster of 28 renowned artists from four continents explore our social conditions and respond to the most compelling issues of the day, challenging our preconceptions and exposing our vulnerability in turbulent times.