Poignant Reminder of Harsh Realities of WWI for Sale at Bonhams


LONDON.- Letters home from Sergeant Arthur Bradley who served on the Western Front for practically the entire course of the First World War are to be auctioned at Bonhams Printed Books, Maps and Manuscripts in London on 23 November. As the nation prepares to mark Remembrance Sunday, they serve as a powerful reminder of the horror of war and the impact on the lives of people on the home front as well as of those on the field of battle. Sergeant Bradley joined the army in 1915. He wrote frequently to his wife showing a neat grasp of the hard realties of combat. “Out here one is always category A1 until dead,” he wrote,” then you get landowners privilege 6ft and a bit of timber RIP” He was killed outright by an exploding shell on 22 August 1918, only weeks before the war ended. Writing to Bradley’s widow, his commanding officer, Major Octavius Fane said, “I have been with Sergt Bradley so long th