Photos of Gandhi on Momentous Day in Indian History for Sale at Bonhams


LONDON.- Photographs of Mahatma Gandhi taken on 7 August 1942, one of the most momentous days for Indian Independence, are for sale at Bonhams India and Beyond sale in London on 5 October 2010. It was on 7 August that Gandhi addressed the opening day of the historic All India Congress Committee at the Gowalia Tank Maidan in Mumbai (then known as Bombay) and launched his call for non violent protest against British rule. “I stick to the principle of non-violence as I did before. If you are tired of it then you need not come with me. At the time when I am about to launch the biggest fight in my life, “ he said, “there can be no hatred for the British in my heart.” The following day, 8 August, the Congress overwhelming backed the formation of the civil disobedience Quit India Movement rallied by the Gandhi’s famous cry of “Do or die”. The morning after that its leaders were arrested and jailed.