Photokinetiks, or a Short Guide for the Construction of Meaning at WiE Kultur in Berlin


BERLIN.- Can geometrical forms be something else from what they actually are? If yes, could they serve as basis for a new vade mecum apt to instruct us on how to construct meaning? This last question is the leading theme of “a short guide for the construction of meaning”, the exhibition presenting the new works of Berlin based artist Frank Hülsbömer. Using photography and video as art media, Hülsbömer depicts a parallel universe inhabited by minimally structured surfaces and forms in which all contradictions are admitted and – sometimes – happily unified. The artist’s way of treating objects is both poetical and playful: it seems as though he is taking a step back in order to allow his objects to live and to develop their own life. Hülsbömer does not want to disturb the scenery he is looking at. Indeed, it appears as if the artist has just limited himself to the mere observation of the aesthetic scene he is in front of and then named it by taking