Photographs of Wildfires by Youngsuk Suh at Haines Gallery


Youngsuk Suh - Bather at Sunset from the Wildfires series, 2009 - Archival pigment print on rag paper - print: 36 x 47 inches - Ed. of 8 with 2AP's

SAN FRANCISCO, CA.- Haines Gallery presents Wildfires, a
seasonably salient exhibition of photographs by Youngsuk Suh. In his first solo
exhibition in San Francisco, Suh continues his exploration of the myths of the
American wilderness, a subject previously explored in his Instant Traveler
series on national parks. Photographed during the California brushfires of 2008
and 2009, and now exhibited during a time of anticipated defense against the
fire season, Wildfires explores mankind’s desire to “tame the untamable” and the
mediation of natural imagery resulting in our subsequent alienation from natural
processes and disasters. On view through 20 August.