Photographs by Thomas Hoepker and Daniel Biskup at the German Historical Museum


BERLIN.- For the first time the German Historical Museum presents a selection of largely unknown photographs from the work of the two photojournalists that has never before been shown in this form. The exhibition is on view from May 11 through October 3, 2011. This year the German Historical Museum is recalling the division of Europe, whose visible sign was the Berlin Wall, which was erected 50 years ago, in 1961. This embodiment of the “Iron Curtain” and reminder of the Cold War divided not only Berlin, but also separated East from West Germany and symbolised the East-West conflict. When the Wall fell on 9 November 1989, it meant not only the end of the division of Germany, but also heralded in the end of the Soviet Union and its domination of Communist East Europe. In 1991 – 30 years after the Wall was built – the