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Photographic Document from South Africa at Michael Hoppen Contemporary

LONDON.- Michael Hoppen Contemporary brings together two contemporary photographers who have documented the sartorial expressions of particular communities in the Congo and South Africa. Daniele Tamagni and Araminta de Clermont befriend their respective subjects and utilize the camera to create unique records of these communities. Tamagni’s images brilliantly capture the energy and pride of the Sapeurs of the Congo. The works have a Cartier Bresson spirit with their vibrant ‘decisive moments’ and energetic displays of colour. De Clermont’s portraits reference the glamorous feeling of contemporary editorial images – her bright, hot daylight flash reminding one of the images filling the glossy pages of fashion and music magazines. Both styles of shooting suit their respective subject matters, bringing to us – the audience – a point from which to view the sartorial pride in these vibrant and re