Photographers and Researchers will Examine Images of the Mexican Revolution


MEXICO CITY.- From iconic images of the war to daily life outside the battlefield, multiple images of the Mexican Revolution where the faces of the leaders, of the decadent aristocracy and of the common people, will be analyzed by renowned photographers and researchers on October 21st and 22nd 2010, during the 11th National Encounter of Photo Libraries. Different factors resulted in the armed movement being one of the most photographed social uprisings during the 20th century. Most images shot by photojournalists during the period were concentrated in the Casasola Fund, which represents the most important collection of the period guarded by the National Photo Library of the National Institute of Archaeology and History (INAH), located in Pachuca, Hidalgo. Juan Carlos Valdez Marin, director of the National Photo Library, who hosts the annual encounter that in 2010 will be dedicated to “Revolution