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Photographer Cuny Janssen Presents Latest Photos at Foam Fotografiemuseum

Cuny Janssen - "My Grandma was a Turtle" is on show at the Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam. ©Cuny Janssen.

Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam presents
the latest project by photographer Cuny Janssen, entitled “My Grandma
Was A
Turtle”. This refers to the Turtle clan of the matriarchal Delaware
tribe of
Native Americans in Oklahoma.
In 2008, Janssen visited the
village of
Bartlesville in Oklahoma to photograph children of Native American
ancestry and
their surroundings. She was curious to see whether there was anything
their origins to be seen in today’s Native American children. Her
of people and her landscape images are relaxed, timeless and remarkable
their subtle lyricism. “My Grandma was a Turtle” is on show from 2 April
to 2
May 2010 at Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam.