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Photo exhibit documents life inside North Korea

NEW YORK (AP).- It’s a simple scene that repeats itself around the world. A man gently lifts a small child by the arms as they reach the top of the escalator inside a modern department store. In this particular photograph, the man and the child are in Pyongyang, capital of the communist country where life’s daily activities are largely a mystery to the rest of the world. A photo exhibit that opened Thursday at a gallery in New York includes images such as these, as well as magnificent landscapes, drab cityscapes and visits by foreign dignitaries. “Daily life is really what I try to focus on when I’m there. … It’s unscripted, it’s candid,” said AP Chief Asia Photographer David Guttenfelder, who took some of the photographs in the show, and who has made who has made many reporting trips to North Korea since 2010.