Phillips de Pury & Co. Presents the First UK Solo Exhibition of Japanese Design Studio, Nendo


LONDON.- Phillips de Pury & Company presents the first UK solo exhibition of Japanese design studio, Nendo. The exhibition is presented simultaneously in two parts and in two spaces—at Phillips de Pury & Company’s London headquarters at Howick Place and at Saatchi Gallery. Blurry White Surfaces at Howick Place is a retrospective of major earlier works including cord-chair and fadeout-chair. Thin Black Lines, on view at Saatchi Gallery, presents twenty-nine new designs executed in steel. Blurry White Surfaces is composed primarily of work shown in the ‘ghost stories’ solo show that toured New York and Milan. The show brought together pieces that explored unusual techniques and materials and manipulated textures as a way of creating ambiguous objects with an eerily faint presence—objects that seem to appear, disappear, and reappear. ‘Outlines’ are the theme of Thin Black Lines. Slight blac